casa de goya 3

Project description

Client: Institute Cervantes.
Execution location: C/ Cours de l’intendance 57, Bourdeaux, France.
Stage: Finished.

Restoration of a protected building dated in 1810 and located in the old area of Bordeaux.

The action covered a piece of land of 1.400 m².

The basement was refurbished and the ground floor was adapted to the regulations on accessibility.

The first floor was used as a library and the courtyard space was recovered which is raised as meeting point and transit point from the ground floor. In order to do that, we made a special founding with micro-piles to hold the walls holding the lift and the new first floor which will cover all the courtyard space.

The second and third floors were restored to harbour classrooms and multipurpose rooms. In addition, the main stone façade was restored and those of the inside courtyard.