La Haya 2

Project description

Client: Ministry of Finance and other public administrations.
Lugar de ejecución: C/ Burgemeester Patijnlaan 27, 2585 BJ, in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Stage: Finished.

This building has a total extension built of 502.00 m², 362.00 m² above ground and 140.00 m² below ground; 59.00 m² of garden and 30.00 m² of terrace.

The renovation was carried out in order to provide a better functionality and efficiency to the building in its layout and its installations. Besides, we made a revision of the condition of the structure, foundations, power and water supplies, insulation and waterproofing, reinforcing or replacing the items as the case may be.

Also, the carpentry and finishing were renovated and certain valuable items were restored such as the front door, the stairs rail and a leaded window.

The works were adapted to the current regulations, both Spanish and Dutch regarding construction, safety and accessibility systems.