Maintenance Swedish Embassy in Madrid

Proyect Description

Maintenance work, both preventive and corrective, on the buildings and their installations. The buildings have a floor area of around 2,500 m².


Galapagar 1

Project Description


Execution location: Galapagar.

Stage: work in progress.

One of the most recent projects. A residential development of 24 homes in the center of Galapagar, in the mountains of Madrid.
These are 6 independent blocks of 4 houses each, in semi-detached / semi-detached format. Each block has an individual pool, 3 heights, approximately 170 m2 per house and private parking.

Renovation of the residence of the spanish Ambassador in Mexico, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain

Cancillería y Residencia embajador Mexico 5

Project description

Client: ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Execution location: C/ Galileo, Mexico D.F.

Stage: Finished.

The works mentioned consisted in the construction of a new building for the Spanish embassy in Mexico, with earthquake-resilient foundations and structure. Simultaneously, an adjacent building was restored by changing its layout and installations of electricity, plumbing and air-conditioning. It was all carried out in an extension of 3,400 m².

Restoration of the spanish house in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia)

cartagena de indias 4

Project description

Client: Ministry of Finance, Spanish State Property.

Execution location: Calle de Sancho 19, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the full restoration of the Spanish House in Cartagena de Indias. We carried out some inside demolition works, restoration of the wooden structure, and a new concrete structure. Restoration and new execution of tiling pavement and outside plating.

Restoration of the study centre U.N.E.D. (Distance University of Spain) in México D.F.

UNED México 3

Project description

Client: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED).
Execution location: Calle Hamburgo 6, C.V. Berlín, Colonia Juárez, México D.F.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the full renovation of the building, under the criterion of preserving as many original elements as possible. The carpentry was almost fully restored and the ceiling of the main premises was repaired and the vintage lamps of the building were restored.


Refurbishing of the building of the Hesperia hotel (Madrid)


Project description

Client: Arrendamientos peninsulares S.A.
Execution location: C/ Hermosilla 23, Madrid
Stage: Finished.

The building is located in the heart of Barrio de Salamanca (a well-known district of the city), between the streets Hermosilla and Lagasca. The works consisted in the construction of a building after stabilising the ground and the façades to be preserved. Subsequently, a structural reinforcement was carried out and three floors below ground were emptied, for the construction of the parking lot of the future hotel. The total piece of land built has an extension of 4,769.66 m² divided in seven floors over ground and three floors below ground. The installation works were performed together with the restoration of protected items.


New residence of the Spain embassy in Rabat (Morocco)

Project description

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation.
Execution location:  Rue Ain Khalouiya, Rabat.
Stage: Finalized.

The new residence replaces an old house which was fully demolished. It is located in a residential area of the south east of Rabat and the plot where it is placed has an approximate land of 11,343 m².

New chancellery and house for officials of the Spain Embassy in Malabo and a new Spain general Consulate in Bata


Project description

Client: Ministry of Freign affaris and cooperation.
Execution location: Equatorial Guinea.
Stage: Finished.

We carried out the works of various buildings in the same piece of land: the main building is the Chancellery and Consulate, which harbours a great number of offices, high-security areas and areas focused on the public. We also made a building of apartments for the Spanish Police and two groups of semi-detached houses for senior officials of the Embassy.

The outside of all the buildings were urbanised with paths for vehicles, walking areas, gardens, parking lot, swimming pool and a building used for the great installations of electrical energy generation and distribution, water supply and PFP (passive fire protection).


Restoration of the old hospital San Francisco in Monzón into the music conservatory

monzon 2

Project description

Client: General Directorate for housing and architecture of M.O.P.U.
Execution location: Mónzon, Huesca.
Stage: Finished.

The restoration of the old Hospital San Francisco was carried out to make it become a Music Conservatory. The ornamental elements were rebuilt and there were works for new building with an approximate extension of 4.443 m².

The works was developed in two phases: the full restoration of the building, adapting it to the new usage of the conservatory and subsequently other supplementary works of the plot: garden, placement of dome and sculptures in the outside.