Partial Renovation in the college Nuestra señora de África (Madrid)


Project description

Client: Colleges Foundation  MAEC-AECID.
Execution location: C/ Ramiro Maeztu 8, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

There were renovation works and adaptation to the regulations in force on humid sites.

The action consisted in the execution of the new installations of sanitation, plumbing and electricity, as well as the demolition and reconstruction of inside layout.



Partial renovation in the college Nuestra señora de Guadalupe (Madrid)

nuestra señora de guadalupe 2

Project description

Client: Colleges Foundation MAEC-AECID.
Execution location: Avda de Séneca 4, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

We carried out works on the north and west façades of the building, replacing the sanitary network and plumbing, as well as a great part of the cold and hot water distribution network of the basement.

The works were sectorized in three groups: renovation of floors common toilets, renovation in washbasin niches of bedrooms and renovation of shared bathrooms.


UNED Rectorate building (Madrid)


Project description

Client: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED).
Execution location: Calle Bravo Murillo 38, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The building has a squared volume of eight floors, with a rectangular basement which only cover the ground floor. The façade is mainly composed of stone coating on the main façade and plaster and stone in the rest.

The actions to be subject of this memorandum are located in the first and fifth floors.

These actions are basically focused on:

  • Change of the layout for a better flexibility of the spaces.
  • Coating and finishing.
  • Inside carpentry.
  • Adjustment of the installations to the new layout and to the regulations on fire and accessibility.




Building for the commercial office in Spain in The Hague (The Netherlands)

La Haya 2

Project description

Client: Ministry of Finance and other public administrations.
Lugar de ejecución: C/ Burgemeester Patijnlaan 27, 2585 BJ, in The Hague, The Netherlands.
Stage: Finished.

This building has a total extension built of 502.00 m², 362.00 m² above ground and 140.00 m² below ground; 59.00 m² of garden and 30.00 m² of terrace.

The renovation was carried out in order to provide a better functionality and efficiency to the building in its layout and its installations. Besides, we made a revision of the condition of the structure, foundations, power and water supplies, insulation and waterproofing, reinforcing or replacing the items as the case may be.

Also, the carpentry and finishing were renovated and certain valuable items were restored such as the front door, the stairs rail and a leaded window.

The works were adapted to the current regulations, both Spanish and Dutch regarding construction, safety and accessibility systems.


Building cariátides for the new headquarters of Cervantes Institute (Madrid)

instituto cervantes 2

Project description

Client: Cervantes Institute.
Execution location: Calle Alcalá 49, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The building is a landmark in the city of Madrid, it is located a few metres away from Cibeles square. In the development of the works, the following actions were carried out:

  • The roof was fully repaired.
  • Demolition and removal of rubble in order to carry out new layouts, with new flooring, ceiling and carpentry of premises.
  • Refurbishing of catering premises, radio studios and construction of events room by means of glazing with tempered glass.
  • Setting of electrical installations and installation of air conditioning equipment in the data processing control room.



Building “Casa de Goya” in Bordeaux, for the headquarters of Cervantes Institute

casa de goya 3

Project description

Client: Institute Cervantes.
Execution location: C/ Cours de l’intendance 57, Bourdeaux, France.
Stage: Finished.

Restoration of a protected building dated in 1810 and located in the old area of Bordeaux.

The action covered a piece of land of 1.400 m².

The basement was refurbished and the ground floor was adapted to the regulations on accessibility.

The first floor was used as a library and the courtyard space was recovered which is raised as meeting point and transit point from the ground floor. In order to do that, we made a special founding with micro-piles to hold the walls holding the lift and the new first floor which will cover all the courtyard space.

The second and third floors were restored to harbour classrooms and multipurpose rooms. In addition, the main stone façade was restored and those of the inside courtyard.


Renovation of the building Etxebarría in Bilbao

edificio etxebarría 2

Project description

Client: Activos inmobiliarios en arrendamiento S.A.
Execution location: Calle Alameda de Urquijo 4, Bilbao, Vizcaya.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the renovation and refurbishing of the building after the demolition of the roof, façade and inside of the building. The total piece of land built had an extension of 7,500 m² in 7 floors.




Restoration of the buildings, headquaters of the Goverment representation department in Vizcaya and Guipuzcoa

Subdelagación gov. Vizcaya y Guipuzcoa 3

Project description

Client: Ministry of Public Administrations.
Execution location: Bilbao (Vizcaya) y San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa).
stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the refurbishing of the building by means of demolitions, strengthening of reinforced concrete and metal, replacement of roof with zinc plate, partitions of double air brick, coating, carpentry, flooring and tiling, paint, as well as the execution of new installations. The approximate piece of land renovated had an extension of 1,116.79 m².



Building maderas of the National Institute for Agricultural and food Technology and Research (Spanish INIA), Madrid


Project description

Client: National Institute for Agricultural and food Technology and Research (Spanish INIA) .
Execution location: La Coruña road km 7,5, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the repairing and maintenance of the roof of the Building Maderas and the inside refurbishing of the west wing thereof, which belongs to the National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research (Spanish INIA).

We performed the restoration of seven sloping roofs of Arab roof tiling and two ventilated flat roofs of the building. First, we carried out the demolition of the nine roofs removing all the items that composed them up to the base and subsequently the new roofs were made, keeping the look thereof, but adding a thermal insulation layer as significant improvement.

In the renovation executed on the first floor of this building, there was a full demolition of the layout of the installations to be able to adapt an old storage floor into a new area of offices and toilets.



Spanish academy of Fine Arts in Rome

bellas artes roma 4

Project description

Client: Ministry of Freign Affaris.
Lugar de ejecución: San Pietro in Montorio, Rome, Italy.
Stage: Finished.

We carried out a reinforcement of the existing walls; we changed windows and applied new coating and the setting of a new power transformer.