Residential area El Paraíso

Sa Vinyola-Palma de Mallorca 8

Project description

Client: Urnova Grupo inmobiliario.

Execution location: Sector 3.1. SA Vinyola, Palma de Mallorca.

Stage: Finished.

Residential area composed by 82 2-bedroom apartments laid out in 30 independent buildings (6,150 m² built), creating a small village with 18,000 m² of gardens, paths, swimming pool of 500 m², private parking lot, video surveillance system, 3 drinking water reserve deposits and an annex building with a gym and a social club.

Single-family residential area

Belalcazar 11

Project description

Client: Private.
Execution location: Calle Belalcazar, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the full renovation of a single-family house in the city centre of Madrid, in which the foundations were underpinned; the structure was strengthened by means of concrete and steel profiles. Other works were also carried out to open new spaces in the façade, a new roof, flooring and tiling, and the execution of all the installations, finishing with the outside area where we built a swimming pool and the development of the plot.

Block of 3 houses, garage, storage and swimming pools in Puerta de Hierro

bloque de 3 viviendas 3

Project description

Client: NS Ingeniería, SL.
Execution location: Calle Antonio Reig 2, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The project was carried out with a total of 4 floors, 1 ground floor and 3 floors above ground, plus a tower built from the lower floor and linked to the latter. In the project, it was planned to divide the building in three houses with their respective garages and storage on the basement, and its private zones of the residential area.

Construction of 10 single-family houses in Aravaca

Cinco Laguas 4

Project description

Client: House and Land, S.A.
Execution location: Calle Cinco Lagunas nº29, Aravaca, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the construction of 10 single-family houses with reinforced concrete and façade enclosure made of exposed perforated stoneware brick. The total piece of land built had an extension of 3,000 m², including the 10 houses and the four floors of each house.

8 single-family houses in Pozuelo de Alarcón


Project description

Client: Mirto Gestión S.L.
Execution location: Calle Constantino Rodriguez 27, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the construction of 8 single-family semi-detached houses made by means of foundations and structure made of reinforced concrete and façade enclosure of perforated brick. The inside divisions were made with rough perforated brick. The total piece of land built had an extension of 2,079, 19 m², and each house has 4 floors.

132 Houses in residential area Los Rosales

los rosales 1

Project description

Client: Self-promotion.

Execution location: Residential area Los Rosales, A Coruña.
Stage: Finished.

Construction of a new residential area which was executed in 2 stages.

Each stage covers the construction of a block of 64 houses, composed by a ground floor, 8 floors and under the roof. The total piece of land built has an extension of  14,932 m².


Block of 12 houses with garages and storage

puente viesgo 13

Project description

Client: Residential area Puente viesgo nº6, CB.
Execution location: Calle Puente Viesgo n6, Aravaca, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The project consisted in the works of demolition of a single-family house and its replacement by a building of 12 houses with garage, storage and swimming pool. The foundations and pillars of the basement were carried out in reinforced concrete. The rest of the structure was made with mixed structure. The façade is ventilated with a base of bricks – ½ solid base and outside finishing of natural stone over galvanised metallic profiles. The total piece of land built had an extension of 2,695.21 m²divided into four floors above ground, and one below ground.

17 houses in Molino del Tesorillo

El Molino del Tesorillo 3

Project description

Client: Molino del Tesorillo, CB.
execution location: T.M. San Martín del Tesorillo, Cádiz.
Stage: Finished.

Molino del Tesorillo is an old rice dryer restored for its use for houses. The original volume of longitudinal plant was adapted to harbour 17 houses of semi-detached type, with two floors above ground plus one floor under the roof.

Full restoration of 806 state-subsided houses in Ceuta

VPO ceuta 3

Project description

Client: Ministry of development and housing municipl company of Ceuta (Emvicesa).
Execution location: Barriada de Juan Carlos I, Ceuta.
Stage: Finished.

Restoration of a group of houses built between the years 1973 and 1978, which presented significant structure damages.

The neighbourhood is composed by 806 houses laid out in 62 blocks of 13 houses each.

The works of restoration consisted in the underpinning of foundations, structure reinforcement, sanitation repairs, repairing of the existing installation network, setting up of outside carpentry and application of paint.

Construction of 19 single-family houses

Sin título

Project description

Client: Cruz de la trinidad S.L.
Execution location: Calle Brújula esquina calle sextante, Aravaca, Madrid.
Stage: Finished.

The works consisted in the construction of 19 semi-detached houses, with a piece of land built of an extension of 3,730 m², a swimming pool and gardens at the common areas.